When did you start Red Mass?

I started recording for the project about 2 years ago and we played our first show exactly 1 year ago.

When did you first come up with the idea and how long did it take to come to fruition?

I had this idea in the back of my head for years but every time I tried such a project I was either too scatterbrained or ended up with fixed members

What is Red Mass?

Fist and foremost, it's a rock n roll band with an open invitation to anyone who wants to join & participate.

What is your vision?

I'd just like the band to somewhere people can come to create, collaborate and escape in a positive environment ...or at least an inspiring one.

What did/do you want to do with this project?

We are looking to invest in a permanent location where we can practice, make art, hang out and meet up to discuss the mass' activities.

Any specific goals?

Its goal is simply to offer a positive or proper environment for creating interesting music & art and expose people to certain concepts such as a sense of spirituality based on one's own belief system regardless of your surroundings and what you've been taught are your limitations.  On a personal level, it allows me to play my songs, tour, record with different musicians, stay focused, clean and busy.  There's also a lot of young cats involved so we gotta keep it fun. Some folks have been sceptical and critical of our goals but at this point i'm happy to show them all ,,,It is working. 

How did you come up with the name, what does it mean?

A red mass is celebrated annually in the Catholic Church for judges, attorneys, law school professors, students and government officials and requests guidance from the holy spirit for all who seek justice.  We are basically rock n roll justice...a living entity ....a red blob (red mass just sound better)
Red being the color of love, passion and blood & demonic possession (it's like a reverse exorcism) it seemed appropriate. 

What is the Free Thinking Collective?

Free Creative Entreprise takes care of marketing and finances for the mass.

How does this fit in with Red Mass?

FCE's profit is not only calculated in revenue but also in pleasure, indulgence and productivity.

Who are Red Mass?

Whoever gives to the mass in the form of artwork, playing live or on recordings. 

Who are its participants (The Roller, Dan Pedro, and others)?

There are about 50 members with 6 or 7 core members.

How did they come to be involved?

We either seek them out or many have also come to us after seeing us live or in the media.

What kind of effects/special equipment do you use for your recordings and live shows?

I use a fuzz, chorus, wah, flanger, guit/synth, delay, pitchshifter on guitar and a delay on my voice.

What are some of the items essential to a Red Mass recording or performance?

We have a full drum kit and an extra snare and floor. The Roller plays an evolver and mic feedback into a chaos pad and a series of custom built pedals (if ever you see us live he'll bee happy to explain em all,,,he looks kinda scary and is a freak but he is very friendly)

What are your most memorable moments/performances in Red Mass' history?

Even the worst show usually has its moment. One of the more chaotic shows was in an indoor pool...we lost control of the crowd and between bits of destruction the audience members were picking up instruments and playing along...it was a blast but you can only take so many of those kinds of shows.....we've done blackmass type shows with animals, blood and sex but it weirds people out or leaves people expecting something we can't or don't wanna offer all the time.

We want people to just have a good time and hear 2010s rock n roll.

Any favorite shows?

I've actually enjoyed our few radio and television performances (eg bande a part or tim mcready's house party, CISM). I really love the dynamic of playing live to listeners ...it's fun to convey the theatricality of the band through television, a computer screen or the radio.

How often do you play live?

We play often enough to stay oiled up but try to keep it for certain occasions.

Any touring plans in the future?

We are planning to tour extensively for the next few years.. hope we see you all there.




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