At what moment did you decide, okay, I'm gonna do a solo record? Or if it
wasn't like that, how did it come about?

I lost everything I knew to be my life me so I packed up and moved to Atlanta ..Spent alot of time in an apartment alone writing songs .. I had no one to play them so  I recorded them myself...

Can you tell our readers who might not be familiar with you about your other or previous bands?

Reatards= first band I started when I was 15.. We started off as kids and then grew up shedding the band like an old skin.. Lost Sounds = First band I was in that toured relentlessly. Did all the stuff you do to try and make a band a full time life and well it fell apart.. Final Solutions = Punk band I am in with old buddys we never tour and rarely do much.. Angry Angles = Band with my girlfriend Alix. We've got a new Lp coming out on in the red records..Been in tons more to many to really list .. These are the ones I am most proud of..

What makes you want to make music? What inspires/drives you?

Not wanting to die young...

How does your solo stuff differ musically from the other bands you've
been in?

Way more pop and I think everything fits together alot better...

What are your favorite bands from both today and in the past?

I will always love The Ramones,Devo,Oblivians,and the Screamers

What was behind the idea for the record cover of Blood Visions? How did that idea come about?

I was a kid when i made most of my other records. The solo lp is the first record I felt I have made on my own my way.. So its suppose to represent starting over..

How did you end up with In The Red?

Lost Sounds was on the label and Larry is a fan.

Can you tell us about your own label Shattered Records and what is happening with it?

Shattered is a label Me and Alix stared about 2 years ago we have put out 2 lps 3 cd's and 15  singles in a really short amount of time.. Kinda wanna slow things down now a bit..

What is living in Memphis really like? Did you go to Graceland on your class trips? Do you have any weird/funny stories you can tell?

Memphis is depressing yet I still really love it.. I couldn't think of any where else I would want to be.. A funny Memphis story is that i almost got my head blown off for 1 beer a bag of chips and 15 cents...

What is the Jay Reatard motto?

Hate all that is great...or Die slowly and leave a bloated corpse ...

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