DONAL LOGUE is by far one of the funniest actors on TV as the star of Grounded For Life (the best sitcom to grace television in a long time).  He's also acted in over 40 feature films like The Patriot, Reindeer Games, and The Tao of Steve, and guest starred in a plethora of TV series' like ER, X-files, and Felicity. Donal was kind enough to supply Gravy with our very 1st Actor-type interview.

I heard somewhere that you started acting because of a bet you made with someone. Is this true and how did it happen?

I started acting in high school because a friend of mine named John Everly was active in theater and he roped me into it. John had grown up all around the world (his dad worked in the oil business) and when he got to the border town (El Centro, CA) that I grew up in, he had a vast experience in literature and drama that he turned me on to. He has since passed away and it is so sad because John was the most talented actor I ever met (besides Kevin Corrigan, Paul Rudd and Deborah Messing's husband, Dan Zelman).

When I went to Harvard, my roommate did a lot of plays and a friend of mine named Clay Tarver dared me to get involved in the scene there (though it seemed intimidating) just because he felt I was pretty funny.

When and how did you discover your love for acting?

I hated acting at first- it seems easy, and then as soon as you are anled in by actual lines that you have to say and not just improv- it seemed so difficult to be natural. But when I first started doing plays, I was blown away by meeting a group of new people, reading through a play and in six weeks having it up in front of an audience- it's an amazing experience.

What do you think would have happened had you not taken the bet? What other career path might you have chosen instead?

I would have taught history and been the drama instructor at some high school.

Are you on a little hiatus right now?
I'm actually back at work on Grounded right now- it's our first episode of the fourth season and we are all happy to be back.

Is it difficult to be away from your family?

The hardest thing about film acting is being away from my kids. When you are young and single, it is great to just lock up the house and go to Thailand for five months to do a movie, now it is almost hellish. TV is great for the family experience because you don't have to leave town often.

What was the last project (film?) you worked on?

The last project I worked on (besides ER) was mentoring a film festival in New Mexico where myself and a few others helped oversee the making of short films over the course of ten days. It was great fun and I got to work with a greatly talented guy named Danny Nutter.

Tell me about working on American Splendor.

I only worked on American Slendor for a day- Molly Shannon and I play Harver and Joyce in a play version in the midst of the move (Paul Giammati and Hope Davis play them in the movie). It was cool because it was with Good Machine (Tao of Steve production company) and the directors and actors were so great- No one is cooler than Molly Shannon.

So is Fox programming banned from the household?

No! Funny though- what happened at Fox happened and I have to say I have a ton of friends over at Fox.

Do you think WB is doing a better job with Grounded for Life than Fox had?
we are happier at WB because they really appreciate us and love the show- so our chances of doing it the way we want to are much greater.

Will there be a next season?

there already is!

Was there any tension with the cast or on the set because of the Fox confusion?

Our show is tension free because of how mellow my bosses are. Bill Martin and Mike Schiff created Grounded for Life and they are (or at least don't show it) never stressed. Carsey Werner mandabach is the production company and they know how to run a show better than anyone so I just let them handle it and I worry about being Sean Finnerty.

Who do you think Grounded for Life is geared towards. Teens? Adults? Families? What age group do you think comprises your true/most fans?

 I think Grounded for life is geared towards everyone represented in the show- parents or kids who ha ve had parents- it is family life- so we all can relate.

How did you get approached for the star role in Grounded?

I met Carsey Werner mandabach for a general meeting and they dragged Bill martin and Mike Schiff into the room and the was the start of conceiving Grounded for Life.

Having been in a myriad of roles, what character comes closest to who you really are?

Jimmy the Cabdriver.

Have there been any favorite roles or films you’ve worked on? Why?

The Tao of Steve, Jimmy and And the Band Played on- those three are special for a number of reasons- Jimmy, because I wrote the spots and did them with my two best friends, the Tao of Steve because I was lucky to play such a great role and And the Band Played on because it was so emotional and important.